PowerRoll A-Series

Keep Moving With Pneumatic Power

PowerHandling’s pneumatic PowerRoll A-Series is a range of compact, yet incredibly powerful devices that allow a single operator to safely, quickly, and easily move heavy loads.

A-Series NEW

PowerRoll A-Series

  • Capacity: Up to 62,000 lb

  • Designed to push and pull paper rolls and cable reels with power and precision.
  • The A-Series can be quickly and easily maneuvered between closely arranged paper rolls and cable reels, allowing for excellent maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Two handle options are available to allow you to tailor the use of the A-Series to many different applications and operators of the machine.
RVA Full Length with tip protector
RVA Close Up Front View

Effortless Movement

The extra-large, heavy-duty rear wheels, built with a cast steel core, double sealed ball bearings, and bonded urethane rolls, can stand the rigors of moving heavy rolls and reels. provide effortless movement. This allows for easy and precise placement and adjustment of the A-Series.

Improve Reliability

PowerHandling’s Patented Direct-Drive Design houses the Motor-Gearbox “inside” the Drive Roller, improving reliability, reducing overall size, and eliminating any drive-related maintenance.

The A-Series features a heavy-duty, welded main chassis that is in a true box layout. It is reinforced and chrome plated for increased strength and integrity as compared to the traditional bolted together design of others.

RVA Close Up Side View

Multiple Handle Options

The A-Series has two handle options to improve ergonomics in your operations:

  • Swivel-Pivot Handle (swivels left, right, forward, and backward) to use the machine in any position. The SP handle allows pulling rolls and reels away from walls or out of machinery where no access to the back of roll or reel is available
  • Swivel-Only Handle (swivels left & right only) to use the machine on the left and right sides.

T-Series Option

The T-Series is designed for non-woven fiber/ tissue paper industries. The T-Series allows for maximized grip on lightweight and fragile papers while minimizing the risk of material damage through drive roll impression or tearing.

The T-Series is available with the Swivel-Pivot Handle for separating rolls or the Center Fixed Handle if separation is not required – providing more direct control when maneuvering loads.

T-Series Full Length

PowerRoll A-Series

RVA Front Angled With Tip Protector

Roll Mover

Paper Industry

The PowerRoll A-Series is designed and built to move roll stock – kraft, print, and coated papers, film, foil, and more up to 32,500 lb.

Cable Industry

The PowerRoll A-Series is designed and built to move cable and wire reels – steel, wood, or plastic flanged spools, and more up to 62,000 lb.

Air Models Estimated Max Load Metric Tons (lb.)

Cable - Flat | Paper - Flat | Paper - Lift

Speed Capability m/Min (ft/min) Duty Cycle Capability


Req’d Air Pressure

Bar (PSI)

Req’d Air Volume

Ipm (cfm)

Hose & Fittings Inside Diameter

mm (inches)

A40S 19.4 (42,700) | 10.2 (22,400) | 4.8 (10,500) 15 (49) High 7-8
A60S 28.1 (62,000) | 14.8 (32,500) | 10.6 (23,200) 10 (34) High 7-8
T40 Max. Loads Vary Widely Depending on Application 17 (55) High 7-8