Who We Are

For over 20 years, PowerHandling has been the leader in developing more compact, reliable, and powerful roll movers, used for moving paper rolls and cable/wire reels. Since 2014, we have applied our expertise to create innovative material handling equipment for a wide variety of customer needs.

Our PowerHandling Team is made up of a diverse group of individuals working to develop new technology, ideas, and products that meet our customer’s exact needs. We believe in having customers for life, which is why we provide post-sales support to minimize downtime and increase efficiency

What We Do

From our compact and powerful roll-moving machines to our semi-electric pallet trucks, PowerHandling designs, manufactures, and distributes all of our material handling products to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality equipment to meet their needs.

PowerHandling strives to provide reliable and quality equipment to our customers. We continuously put our equipment through rigorous testing cycles to ensure all of our products meet our top tier requirements. Our goal is to provide quality machines that are reliable and durable in your application.

Where We Are

PowerHandling has production, sales, and service network to meet customer needs anytime, anywhere. Our locations worldwide offer reliable, flexible, and responsive support including sales, service, and much more.