PowerRoll V-Series Battery Roll Pusher

Maintenance Free Moving

The revolutionary new V-Series (RVB) battery powered roll pusher features a brushless motor and Li-ion battery, plus a host of other technical and design upgrades that aid in roll moving and reel moving applications.

PowerHandling, Inc.

PowerRoll V-Series

  • Capacity: 10,000 lb

  • Designed to push and pull paper rolls and cable reels with power and precision.
  • Compact and fast-charging battery packs, with an easy drop-in battery replacement, can provide continued use of the machine without the worry of wires or charging cords getting in the way.
  • The RVB can be quickly and easily maneuvered in between closely arranged paper rolls and cable reels, allowing for excellent maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Three handle options are available to allow you to tailor the use of the RVB to many different applications and operators of the machine.
PowerHandling, Inc.
PowerHandling, Inc.

High-Performance Battery Packs

The powerful Li-ion drop-in battery allows for easy and fast battery replacement to double the working time within seconds, with no wires or plugs to connect. The quick-charge battery allows for continuous running with a spare battery to always keep operations moving.

Control the Power

The variable throttle provides a substantial amount of speed control in both forward and reverses directions, allowing for heightened control when maneuvering loads.

PowerHandling, Inc.
PowerHandling, Inc.

Multiple Handle Options

The V-Series has three handle options to improve ergonomics in your operations:

  • Swivel-Pivot Handle (swivels left, right, forward, and backward) to use the machine in any position. The SP handle allows pulling rolls and reels away from walls or out of machinery where no access to the back of roll or reel is available.
  • Swivel-Only Handle (swivels left & right only) to use the machine on the left and right sides.
  • Center Fixed Handle (fixed straight handle) to use the RVB from directly behind.

Intuitive LED Control Board

The V-Series PowerRolls are equipped with an electronic control board to monitor and control the high current required to move the heavy loads for which they are designed.

The LED indicator on the top of the backplate provides feedback on the status of the machine and warnings if the machine is being used in a way that can potentially cause damage.

PowerHandling, Inc.
PowerHandling, Inc.

Effortless Movement

A compact low-profile chassis, large diameter rear wheels, and variable speed forward/reverse throttle combine to provide better access into and control within tight spaces.


PowerRoll V-Series

PowerHandling, Inc.

Roll Mover

Paper Industry

The PowerRoll V-Series is designed and built to move roll stock – kraft, print, and coated papers, film, foil, and more up to 10,000 lb.

Battery Models
Estimated Max Load Metric Tons (lb.)
Paper - Flat | Paper - Lift
Speed Capability m/ Min (ft/min) Duty Cycle Capability Boxed Weight kg (lb.) Recharge Time Battery Type Battery Weight
RVB 25 5 (10,000) | 3.5 (7,000) 18.1 (60) No specific duty cycle limitation applicable.
(Will power off if combined high load & long run times occur)
36 (80) 120 Minutes Li-ion 5 lb