TX10 Semi-Electric Stacker

TX10 Semi-Electric Stacker

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The TX series stackers are characterized by manual traction and electro-hydraulic lifting technology. These stackers are very steady and are suitable for lifting heavy loads safely. Version 12 includes polyurethane wheels as standard to reduce resistance and effort required even with full load capacity. The main feature of the Straddle series is the possibility to adjust the forks and the clamps for great versatility in the handling of loads of different sizes.


  • Ergonomic Tiller– The ergonomic tiller allows excellent directionality of the machine, thanks to a steering system on both rear wheels.
  • Foot Break – Easily accessible foot brake performs the parking brake function.
  • Adjustable Forks– Universal ISO FEM 2A fork holder allows a manual and easy fork adjustment to carry any kind of load, pallet or skid.
  • Adjustable Base Legs– Adjustable base legs to fit with various pallet sizes and aisle widths. With its superior versatility and extreme durability, it is the ideal solution for any indoor application.
  • Protective Cover– It allows an easier access to the battery housing for faster ordinary maintenance.


  • Vehicle Type | Semi-Electric Pallet Lifter
  • Load Capacity | 2,200 lbs.
  • Wheels | Rubber/Poly/Nylon
  • Lift Height | 77″

Other Pallet Stacker Options:

Other Pallet Stacker Options:
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