Manual Jack

Lasting Performance

Our durable Manual Jack offers a competitive and reliable solution for lifting and moving operations.

Manual Jack Side:Backview

Manual Pallet Jack

  • Capacity: 5,500 lb

  • Perfect for light-duty applications
  • High maneuverability
  • Tough and reliable torsion-resistant jack due to its extremely strong, high quality steel frame
  • Ergonomically designed handle offers a secure and comfortable operation
  • Nylon wheels are quiet, durable and non-marking making them ideal for delicate floors
  • Optional configurations are available
Manual Jack Front

Maneuver with Ease

Additional nylon rollers at the fork tip allow easier pallet entry and exit.

Manual Jack Wheels
Manual Jack Pump

Durable Hydraulic Unit

High quality, galvanized casted hydraulic pump that is strong, durable and requires very low routine maintenance.

Manual Pallet Jack

Manual Jack V4

The Manual Pallet Jack can handle tight spaces in trucking, deliveries, small manufacturing, retail, and more.

Models Capacity


Overall Fork Width


Overall Fork Length


Min. Fork Height


Max. Fork Height


Standard 5,500 27 48 2.75 7.5
Narrow 5,500 20.5