PowerHandling, Inc.

PowerMover G-Series Industrial Cart Mover

Bring Power to Your Cart Moving Operations

The PowerMover G-Series is an ultra-compact, high-torque, industrial cart mover. The PowerMover G-Series is the most powerful cart mover we offer, allowing a single operator to safely and easily maneuver wheeled loads up to 80,000 lb.

PowerHandling, Inc.

PowerMover G-Series

  • Capacity: 80,000 lb

  • Designed to push and pull wheeled loads with power and precision.
  • Compact and fast-charging NiMH battery packs, with easy drop-in battery replacement, can provide continued use of the machine without the worry of wires or charging cords getting in the way.
  • The PMG can quickly and easily situate between closely arranged wheeled loads, allowing for extreme maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Multi-adjustable handle options are available to allow you to tailor the PRG to many different applications and operators of the machine.
PowerHandling, Inc.
PowerHandling, Inc.

High-Performance Battery Packs

The powerful 36V NiMH drop-in battery provides easy and fast battery replacement to keep you working, with no wires or plugs to connect. The quick-charge battery allows for continuous running with a spare battery to always keep operations moving.

Control the Power

The variable throttle provides a substantial amount of speed control in both forward and reverse directions, allowing for improved control when maneuvering loads.

PowerHandling, Inc.
PowerHandling, Inc.

Pusher Bracket Hitch Option

This hitching system is designed for straight-line pushing of loads and does not require a specific bracket to be mounted on your cart to use.

Cup & Disk Hitching Option

This hitching system uses a disk on the PMG that can be rotated by hand or tool to raise it higher, engaging with an inverted cup that is mounted to the cart hitch. This hitch has considerable maneuvering capabilities while also offering the ability to brake and hold the load.

PowerHandling, Inc.
PowerHandling, Inc.

Double Pin Hitch Option

This hitching system uses two tapered pins - one for pushing/turning and the other for pulling/turning. This design offers fast hitching and unhitching and is able to handle greater floor variations than the cup & disk hitch option.

PowerMover G-Series

PowerHandling, Inc.

Industrial Cart Mover

The PowerMover G-Series is designed and built to move wheeled loads up
to 80,000 lb.

Models Gearing Force Exerted At Drive Roll
Newtons | Lb
Estimated Load Moving Capacity
Kg | Tons
Running Speed (Lightly Loaded)
M/Min | Ft/Min
Duty Cycle Capability Recharge Time Battery Type Battery Weight
PMG 40 160:1 22,600 | 5,080 25,000 | 28 17.1 | 56 Low To Medium Duty
(Rest Periods Required)
120-180 Minutes NiMH 8 lb
PMG 50 200:1 29,200 | 6,564 32,000 | 36 13.2 | 43
PMG 70 300:1 43,100 | 9,689 48,000 | 53 8.7 | 29