PowerPallet 2000 Semi-Electric Pallet Jack

Upgrade Your Manual Jack to Full Power

The PowerPallet 2000 is a complete drive package that can be installed onto your manual jack, converting it into a powerful, yet ultra-compact, motorized jack.

PowerHandling, Inc.

PowerPallet 2000

  • Capacity: 3,500 lb

  • Perfect for light-duty applications
  • Compact, quick-change, fast charging Li-ion batteries
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Quick-lift manual pump
PowerHandling, Inc.
PowerHandling, Inc.

Keep Operations Moving

The lightweight 4.5 lb Li-ion quick-change battery allows for fast and easy battery replacement to keep the PowerPallet running while charging the depleted battery on a separate charger.

The 90-minute quick charge battery allows for continuous operation with a spare battery.

Maneuver with Ease

With a turning radius the same as a manual jack, there is nothing more compact or user friendly for maneuvering heavy loads in tight spaces. The compact size of the attached drive unit also improves operator visibility of the load as well as surrounding work areas, when compared to larger walkie electric pallet jacks.

PowerHandling, Inc.
PowerHandling, Inc.

Variable Speed Control

The PowerPallet 2000 offers three modes of operation to suit the application you need. Warehouse mode allows the PowerPallet to quickly and efficiently move your load with speed and control. Truck mode limits the maximum speed for slower operation and allows the PP2K to operate with the handle in the upright position, this increases maneuverability in confined spaces such as crowded warehouses or trucks. Manual mode can be used to operate the jack manually, without the need for battery power.

Control the Power

The intelligent technology of the PP2K features an integrated USB port used for updating software as well as providing “keyed operation”. This optional feature turns the USB drives into tailored “keys” that modify the operation of the PowerPallet to each specific operator and provides a safety measure, locking out unauthorized users.

PowerHandling, Inc.
PowerHandling, Inc.

Dual Wheel Option

The PowerPallet Dual Wheel option adds a second drive wheel to effectively make the drive wheel twice as wide. This allows the PowerPallet to be used in refrigerated trucks with channel floors and in other applications where increased traction is required.

PowerPallet 2000

PowerHandling, Inc.

Semi-Electric Pallet Jack

The PowerPallet 2000 can handle tight spaces in trucking, deliveries,
small manufacturing, retail, and more.

Load Capacity

3,500 lb


Li-ion / 45.6 V / 5Ah

Recharge Time

2 hrs. from 80% depletion

Service Weight

45 lbs

Max. Speed

3.7 mph

Non-Marking Wheels

Drive wheel/wheels: Poly
Steer wheels: Nylon