PowerCart L-Series Cart Mover

Maneuver Virtually Any Cart With Ease, No Hitch Required!

The PowerCart L-Series is the most maneuverable cart mover on the market and has the ability to travel up to 3.5 mph with variable speed control.

PowerHandling, Inc.

PowerCart L-Series

  • Capacity: 1,500 lb

  • Perfect for light-duty cart moving applications
  • Compact, quick-change, fast charging Li-ion batteries
  • Custom hitches available
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Quick-lift manual pump
PowerHandling, Inc.
PowerHandling, Inc.

Quick-Connect to Virtually Any Cart

Adjustable and custom lifting hooks allow the PCL to connect to a wide variety of different cart types.

Our team of engineers is available to create custom hitch designs to meet your specific application needs.

Maneuver with Ease

The small footprint of the PCL makes it the most maneuverable powered cart mover on the market. The compact design makes it the perfect cart mover for cramped and tight spaces.

PowerHandling, Inc.
PowerHandling, Inc.

Designed to Perform

The variable throttle provides a substantial amount of speed control in both forward and reverse directions, allowing for improved control when maneuvering loads.

PowerCart L-Series

PowerHandling, Inc.

Powered Cart Mover

The PowerCart L-Series can handle tight spaces in healthcare, general manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, warehouse, and more.

Load Capacity

1,500 lb


Li-ion / 51.8 V / 5Ah

Recharge Time

1.5 hrs. from 80% depletion


Rubber / Poly

Max. Speed

3.7 mph