The PX25 Scale Truck

The PX25 heavy-duty pallet truck is a simple, economical and robust tool used for lifting and weighing open bottom pallet loads with weight up to 5,500 lb. The four load cells allow for precision and functionality in all internal weighing operations. The PX25 is ideal for checking incoming goods, avoiding overloads and determining shipping weights.


  • Large LCD display – The large-sized six digit LCD display provides accurate and precise weighing in lbs. and kg. The setting of tare shows both gross and net weights. Weights are shown in 1.1/0.5 lbs./kg. steps with 0.05% precision. Tare/Unbalanced load/Auto-off are the main functions
  • Double frame structure – The structure is designed with a double frame consisting of a lower fork on which stands a counter fork. Both forks house two load cells allowing a uniform load distribution, and keeping high weighing accuracy even in case of collision or unbalanced load
  • Resistant hydraulic unit – The rugged and reliable one piece cast iron pump includes a maximum pressure valve safety device that helps to protect the jack against overloads
  • Quick-Lift – The perfect tool to lift loads faster. The hydraulic pump is specifically engineered to cut job time and increase efficiency. It takes half the time to raise a pallet to full height, versus a traditional manual jack
  • Battery – Electronics are powered by four x AA standard battery to be fitted in a specific module. Batteries provide 30 hours autonomy and the display includes a low status indicator
*For use with open bottom pallets only


  • Vehicle Type | Manual Scale Truck
  • Load Capacity | 5,500 lbs.
  • Wheels | Poly/Poly
  • Lift Height | 4.5”

Other Pallet Mover Options:

Other Pallet Mover Options: